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"that is black"

Translation:ami fekete

August 16, 2016



Again, I did not pay enough attention and did not notice that there was no period at the end. I translated: az fekete: for: that (thing) is black. I do not think that I should report this, but I am curious to know if "az fekete" is indeed correct for that is black. (with the period).


Yes, as a full sentence, that is correct.


what does ami mean here?


It's a relative pronoun - the "that" in "the book that is black" or "which" in "the book which is black". It refers back to something before it ("the book", in this example).


suppose we do use the translation az fekete. When do we know to use azt fekete vs. az fekete? Does it have to deal with direct objects?


azt is used for a direct object, yes; it has the accusative ending -t.

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