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  5. "אתה גבוה, מה הגובה שלךָ?"

"אתה גבוה, מה הגובה שלךָ?"

Translation:You are tall, what is your height?

August 16, 2016



Yep, the comma splices irritate me, too. You can't just paste two complete sentences together with a comma; instead, you should use a semicolon!


A siple dot is even better.


Like so many of these examples, this us two separate sentences. I often find the punctuation the most confusing aspect of these questions.


The punctuation doesn't matter, Duolingo ignores capital letters, commas and periods.


I think the issue may be that in English this would be considered a run-on sentence (or run-on question,) which adds an unnecessary layer of confusion.


That's true, I just find it very, very hard to understand a sentence (or two) without them. I would have been almost completely illiterate in the ancient world.


Duolingo may ignore it; that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. We’re trying to learn languages here; it would be nice to have an opportunity to learn to use them correctly.

Was it intentional irony that your comment includes the same type of comma splice?

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