"Ti arról jöttök, amerre ez az utca megy?"

Translation:Do you come from where this street goes?

August 16, 2016

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I don't want to report this because right now I am unsure of this entire skill. But why is there a "too" in the answer? Shouldn't there be an "is" in the Hungarian somewhere?


Yes, absolutely! It should be "Ti is arról jöttök, amerre....."

Strange sentence, even when correct. This street goes in some direction. For example, it leads toward the beach. The question is: are you also coming from that direction?


Thank you! If someone asked me this on the street, I'd buy THEM an Irish coffee.


Are you comming from where this street goes to?


Why is wrong : Do you come from where this street goes.


Something is wrong - I just got burned and the "only" solution was also in Hungarian. We are supposed to translate the Hungarian sentence into English.

Do you come from that direction, to where this street goes?


This makes no sense whatsoever in English - at least not in terms of how it is spoken.

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