"The lamps that are on the wall are beautiful."

Translation:A lámpak, amelyek a falon vannak, szépek.

August 16, 2016

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"A lámpák amik a falon vannak, szépek" should be accepted. Reported.


Well, I'm not sure any more. Ami and amely are used differently. (I found this, for example http://forditas.fsf.hu/html/node5.html)

But in real life I think a lot of people use "ami, amik" in sentences that could work with "amely, amelyek".


Why is the following wrong? "A lámpák szépek, amik a falon vannak."


If you don't have the relative clause right after the noun, I believe you need a "pointer" of some kind -- e.g. Azok a lampák szépek, amik a falon vannak.

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