"On the map there are as many rivers as mountains."

Translation:A térképen annyi folyó van, ahány hegy.

August 16, 2016

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What is the difference between "ahány" and "amennyi"?


When you say: "There are as many/much X as Y" your sentence will look like this: "Annyi X van, amennyi/ahány Y"

So at the first part you always use "annyi" and at the second you use "amennyi" or "ahány" according to the noun(s) you are talking about.

Basically "amennyi" = "as much" ; "ahány" = as many"

So following this logic: "On the map there are AS MANY rivers as mountains." = "A térképen annyi folyó van, AHÁNY hegy." ( Note that the first part always takes "annyi")

Anyway the "amennyi" or "ahány" problem is basically the same as the "mennyi?" or "hány?" problem. "Mennyi?" = "How much?" ; "Hány?" = "How many?"

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