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Streak freeze in Duolingo Android app?

I noticed the following: if I equip the "streak freeze" over web interface (because, obviously, the lingot store is not (yet) available in the app) and skip one day of practice, the app tells me that I missed a day and ends my streak so that I start all over at day one. But on the website the counting is correct and I remain on day, say, 15, even though I skipped one.

So... do the developers know about that and will fix it eventually, or is it a bug?

February 6, 2014



There are two types of streaks - language streaks (in a specific direction) and global streaks (earning points anywhere on Duolingo). Global streaks are maintained by a streak freeze while language streaks are not. Android displays your language streak in the sidebar and your global streak on your profile (accessible by selecting your own username in the leaderboard)


Well... this is a bit confusing, but now I have found the global streak in the app. Thank you.

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