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  5. "Rzadko chodzicie do parku."

"Rzadko chodzicie do parku."

Translation:You rarely go to the park.

August 16, 2016



You go rarely to the parc is also correct. Duo told me I was wrong. :)


Duo was wrong, I'd say. It would be unusual English, but not totally wrong. Or did you really spell "park" as "parc"? Now, that would be wrong....


Probably because it's an incredibly rare construction, especially between "go" and its prepositional compliment "to the park", although it might just work with a time expression like "these days". My advice as an EFL teacher - stick with the natural position - before the main verb (unless it's "be").



This is not proper english we say you dont go to the park often not rarely do tou go to the park. Also we use you dont go to the park often, do you?

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