"A hídtól és a folyótól a negyedik épületben vagyunk."

Translation:We are in the fourth building from the bridge and from the river.

August 16, 2016

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second "from" is redundant


Hm, I'm not sure.

To me, both versions are possible and express different nuances.

If the bridge is over the river, then "from the bridge and the river" makes more sense to me: they are in the same place.

But if the bridge is over a road, west of the building, and there is a river east of the building, then the building in between the bridge and the river might be the fourth building from the bridge and also the fourth building from the river, in which case "the fourth building from the bridge and from the river" would seem more natural to me. Giving the idea "regardless of whether you're coming from the bridge or from the river, ours is the fourth building."


Serious overthinking. Both ways should be accepted. Without the second "from" is much more natural sounding, however many tortured sentences you can invent to justify it.


Yes, it should accept it either with or without the 2nd "from"


from the bridge and the river,we are in the fourth building. 'is this really wrong?


No, I'm with Phillip.


Theres a little blip in the audio in negyedik

"a ne--edik épületben"

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