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  5. "De säljer kläder."

"De säljer kläder."

Translation:They are selling clothes.

August 16, 2016



De is pronounced "dom"?

Are there phonetic rules at play here?


It is indeed pronounced "dom". It is one of the words in Swedish that are pronounced differently than they are written. Other examples are "mig", "dig" and "dem", which are pronounced "mej", "dej" and "dom", respectively.


That is not correct. Yes you can pronounce it "dom" for de but you can say "de" for de as well. Dom can be used for both "de" and "dem". The same goes for the dem, it can be pronounced as dom or dem. You should always write de or dem and never dom when you write formal Swedish according to Svenska Akademin. Example. Dom har dom should be written De har dem. Although the dom is used more in conversational Swedish you will still come across the de pronounciation.

Dom is also the word for verdict, but is pronounced differently.


If you insert "almost always" after "indeed" in Marcin's post, it's entirely correct. Using de and dem does exist, but it's quite rare.


Det må så vara. Jag försökte bara förklara skillnaderna i tal och text.


thanks. but this complicates things.


Would it be also correct to use "they sell clothing?" or is that used in a different way?

basicly use "Clothing" instead of "Clothes"


Yeah, we accept that too. :)

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