"Budapest szép, nagy város."

Translation:Budapest is a nice, large city.

August 16, 2016

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And what exactly is wrong with "Budapest is a beautiful large city"?


Nothing, they just have yet to add "large" as a translation alongside "big". Report it.


Via the "Report a Problem" button (next to the "Discuss sentence" which leads here), or by tapping on the flag icon on mobile phones.


A pretty big city is not necessarily pretty and big city...

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The correct translation is 'a pretty, big city', with a comma.


It is a shame that there seems to have been no action as a result of at least one of the comments below.

It is fair to say there are a number of areas where the only acceptable English translations in the course are stilted to say the least, some to the point of being very poor: no native English speaker would say things in the way the system requires. Whilst pure idiom is a matter of some interpretation, these sorts of things ought to be improved with feedback.

Here, can szep be rendered as beautiful? If not why not? The adjective "nice" in English in current usage is highly problematic, it has almost lost the ability to carry any meaning other than "not unpleasant". From the translations given in the rest of the course, it seems the Hungarian word "szep" is rather stronger.

The meaning of "nice" in old English is much closer to "accurate", in the sense of skilfully fashioned. It is never used in that sense now. It's little better than a polite filler.


BBC (big beautiful city)


In English it should be "big, beautiful city..." Even though the order of adjectives says opinion should be first, in this case 'big, beautiful' makes more sense and should at least be accepted as an answer... Yes, I've reported it.

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