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  5. "מה מקור ההתנהגות הזאת?"

"מה מקור ההתנהגות הזאת?"

Translation:What is the source of this behavior?

August 16, 2016



The most natural translation would be "What is the root cause of this behavior?" "Source of behavior" sounds odd in English, and I would argue that מקור and שורש are pretty similar in meaning.


I think simply "cause of this behavior" would do, if the woRd will take that translation. I do, though, see the term "source of behavior," especially in the sorts of pop psychology stories that appear in the press. A Google search turns up lots of contemporary examples.


Sounds right, report it.


I would expect a של after מקור (to go with the "of" in English). Why isn't there one (or could there be)? Is it because this is a construct? Could you say, instead, המקור של ההתנהגות ?.


Yes. They can be used interchangeably. Historically the construct state was preferred but now, except in certain constructs, של is preferred in colloquial hebrew.


It depends on the ניקוד (or vowel). Makor means source and should be המקור של הבעיה. However, the word used here is mekor which means "the source of". (This is called a סמיכות, which is similar to a compound word but is written in 2 word form. In the first word in a סמיכות the ניקוד of the first word is changed. E.g. beit sefer - and not bait sefer.)


Thank you! The pronunciation difference was too tiny for me to catch but at least i know what the problem was.


shouldnt it be pronounced makor?


It is in the construct form ("source of", "origin of"), so it becomes "m'kor"


I had no idea what this sentence meant because of the mispronounced מקור.


It's not mispronounced, it's the construct state.


מָה מְקוֹר הַהִתְנַהֲגוּת הַזֹּאת

ma mekor ha-hitna-hagut hazot


מַקוֹר source

מְקוֹר־ state construct

הַמָּקוֹר שֶׁל הַהִתְנַהֲגוּת שֶׁלּוֹ


מְקוֹר הַהִתְנַהֲגוּת שֶׁלּוֹ


Could מקור simply be translated as "causes"?


Not quite, מקור is "source", "origin". "Causes" is סיבות, גורמים. When talking about behaviour I suppose we would mean the same thing. But we could say מקור המאכל הזה for example, or מקור המנהג הזה.


Thanks. I was seeing it as a present tense verb.


I think it should be "The source of THIS behavior" and not "THAT behavior" because in this context it seems like something closer to home like THIS


Why is the ל preposition not used with מקור like it was used in these sentences

המהנדס מחפש את המקור להצפה

אתה המקור לכל הבעיות שלי

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