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African Spanish

Does anyone know about African Spanish? I know most rules about Spain and Latin American Spanish but then I realized it is spoken in parts of Africa too. What are some of their general rules? Vosotros vs Ustedes? Pronunciation of c and z? Accent?...

August 16, 2016



Hi! Here's some features I found on Equatoguinean Spanish (spoken in Equatorial Guinea):

"-Syllable and word-final /s/ is strongly pronounced. -The Spanish single /r/ and trill /rr/ is not distinguished, and are interchanged. -Omission of articles -usted can be used with the tĂș verbal conjugation. -No distinction between indicative and subjunctive moods. -Vosotros and its conjugations are used with no distinction alongside ustedes. -The preposition en as a marker of destination in place of a (ex: Voy en Bata. vs. Voy a Bata.)"

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equatoguinean_Spanish (read more)

You should also see Rioplatense Spanish (spoken in Uruguay and Argentina). I believe they use a 2nd person singular form "vos". Read up on it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rioplatense_Spanish

Hope this helps!


Thanks! Very helpful!

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