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  5. "The teacher is responsible."

"The teacher is responsible."

Translation:Die Lehrerin ist verantwortlich.

February 3, 2013



What's the difference between 'verantwortlich' and 'zuständig'? Are they basically the same or do they convey different 'senses' of responsibility?


and what about schuldig - responsible in the sense of his/her fault ?


and what about schuldig - responsible in the sense of his/her fault ?

schuldig is "guilty".

It's his fault = er ist schuld

He is guilty = er ist schuldig


Verantwortlich is like "answerable" for something that happened (with answer in the word) Zuständlich sounds like "upstanding"


How was I supposed to know it's "der lehrer" the clues on "the teacher" are unhelpful


How "Der Lehrer ist verantwortlich" is wrong??


I wrote "der Lehrer is verantwortlich", how was I suppose to know that the teacher was female? Or did I make some other mistake that I'm not able to see?


I wrote "der Lehrer is verantwortlich"

You did not translate the English verb "is" into German.


-.-thanks I did not notice that:)


Seconded. Could Sinnvoll be used in this context?


I think "sinnvoll" means more like "meaningful" rather than "responsible"


where in the sentence is shown that the subject is female????


i picked a male teacher ..... any idea how i should know that he was a she??


Please always quote your entire answer when you have a question about why a given sentence was not accepted.

Very often, the problem is not in the word you think it is, but in word order, the wrong article used, the wrong adjective ending, etc. elsewhere in the sentence.


my answer was "Der Lehrer ist verantwortlich." so, I used the male translation of teacher but it was rejected for the female translation.


my answer was "Der Lehrer ist verantwortlich."

That should have been accepted.

it was rejected for the female translation.

Do you have a screenshot that you can share with us, to help me understand what might have gone wrong? (Upload it to a website somewhere and paste the URL into your comment.)



I'm sorry, I did not take a screenshot. To my knowledge what I said I entered was what was entered. HOWEVER, there may have been some other violation which triggered the response. I was mainly focused on the "die lehrerin" as the correct response. I did note that I had "der lehrer" and this prompted my submission. Normally there would be a "wrong word" or "typo" error, rather than "correct response". Duo has a tendency to repeat statements so I'm sure it will come up again. I will try my original answer and if it corrects me again I will take the screenshot and submit it. DL is really great so my bet is that it was something I did incorrectly.


I had the same problem but I had left out the T in verantwortlich so it was counted wrong. I then tried, Der Lehrer ist verantwortlich again, this time with the T, and it accepted it. So they may have fixed it now or it may have been a tiny spelling error like I did.


This multichoice expected that "Die Leherin" is also correct, but the English is singular, as is the solution on this page.


Die lehrerin is a singlular female teacher. Die lehrer is plural for teachers.


ist - singular third person (es, sie, er, etc.)
sind - plural (except informal you plural) or formal you (singular or plural)

Die Lehrerin is singular third person, so you use "ist."


There something vwery wrong with the drop downs for this


No sinvol is useful


Wtf? verantwortungsbewusst although given as an answer in other exercises isn't accepted here. Why? Does Duo only know irresponsible, childish teachers or what


me looking at your languages like..... O.O!!!!???


Why the professor is not good?


der Professor = the professor (at university)

der Lehrer = the teacher (at school)

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