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  5. "איך לכתוב את זה?"

"איך לכתוב את זה?"

Translation:How to write it?

August 16, 2016



The most natural English translation of this I believe is "how do you write this" since English often uses "you" to represent the generic unspecified subject, similar to "one" which is not frequently used is speech. So I believe this should be accepted, but would be interested in hearing why it should not.


how do you write this - איך את/ה כותב/ת את זה and it is common in Hebrew as well


'How to write this' is not really an English question by itself, or certainly a very unusual one. It could be part of a longer sentence. Eg 'Can you show me how to write this?'




I second all of the comments above that complain that "How to write this" is not how a native English speaker would speak. It sounds lime what a recent immigrant might say. For example, from Spain. (Or from Israel!)

[deactivated user]

    This is the explanation given at the bottom of the lesson about infinitives, and I quote,

    "You might come across a sentence where the question word "how" is used with an infinitive. It might be translated as "How to ..." (e.g. how to do it?), but in some cases the translation could be a bit unnatural.

    This kind of sentence could also be translated as "How does one..." / "How shall/do I/we..."

    For example (when using the infinitive "לכתוב" - to write): איך לכתוב את זה? = How does one write this? / How do I write this etc. " I translated this as, "How do I write this" and it was marked wrong, but it is one of the irregular translations described in the explanation of infinitives.


    How do I write this mean "איך אני כותב את זה". The practice sentence is general, it asks how should it be (writen), not how someone (specific) write it. The context is right, it is the literal translation that not precised


    Where does one find these lessons, @CarbonFibreSwan, or anyone? I have used Duolingo a lot, and never seen a lesson, or a link to them. Thanks Dan


    If you are totally new to duo, you'll need the tips and notes,

    how to get tips and notes:

    organized by skill in one pdf for the whole course: https://www.docdroid.net/JnfmyEV/tipsnotesbackup.pdf

    Replace your username where USERNAME is for information on your progress & the tips & notes: https://duome.eu/USERNAME/progress

    The whole course tips and notes are here (and the site has one for each Duolingo language): ,organized by skill individually: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Hebrew

    You can also get them on the duolingo.com site (make sure your browser is in desktop view mode so you can see the other duolingo features like discussions & timed practice (the language clubs are only on the app though). From discussions you can search for all the discussions in this course (like this one you're reading, as well as see general duolingo discussions). If you can't see discussions on the main screen once logged into duolingo you're not in desktop view.

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      You can only see the lessons from the computer website version, not from the phone app. When you click on one of the Sub-Groups, scroll down before clicking on a lesson, and there will be information about grammar and other language help.


      Thank you! Finally found them, under a lightbulb symbol :-)


      Where can i find this explanation you referred to?


      It doesn't sound right?! How to write it?


      Would it be better translated "how should this be written?"


      Not quite. I would translate "hos should this be written" as איך כותבים את זה. I would say איך לכתוב את זה only if I am actually pen in hand, paper ready, writing down something and asking for advice on how (probably more phrasing than spelling). איך כותבים את זה is more idiomatic, how is it spelled.


      "How" does not provide a subject. The answer is not English. All of the solutions given above are better and most should be accepted

      [deactivated user]

        The answer should be English. This is a course to teach Hebrew to English speakers. When learning a language, one difficult aspect is learning that you cannot translate sentences word for word, else the sentences cease to make sense in the translated language. If I were an interpreter, and the Hebrew speaker I was interpreting for asked someone this question, I would not look at the native English speaker and say, "How to write it?". I would say, "How is this written?", or, "How do you write this?" The you in this case is not a specific "You". It is a general question, and "you" is a placeholder for the noun.


        Surely this means How do you spell this?


        So how does "איך לכתוב את זה" differ from "איך כותבים את זה"? They seem to be essentially the same question.


        this is not a sentence in english... what does it even mean?


        Interesting that the program didn't accept 'How do I write this' when it is one of the answers suggested in the lesson.


        Bad English translation. Not natural. We would not say that.


        My Israeli grandson would say איך אתה כותב or איך אתה מאיית Hope that helps!!


        I translated this as 'How do we write this?' and it was deemed wrong. Still, that would have been a perfectly reasonable translation in my opinion, hence why I've reported it as too rigid in the expected answer


        In case one of the translation judges is reading this: it is not fair to the English learners to be led to believe that the English translation you are requiring is the way English speakers say it. We would say that only if contemplating to ourselves, but your Hebrew sentence doesn't have that meaning. You can see from all the comments how we say it in normal English.

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