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"I had a lot of difficulties making people understand me."

Translation:J'ai eu beaucoup de difficultés à me faire comprendre.

February 3, 2013



If I were translating the French into English, I would have said: I had a lot of difficulties making myself understood. People seems to be unnecessary in both languages.


Could you use the imparfait here or is only the passé composé correct (j'avais)


what's wrong with "j'ai eu beaucoup de difficultes rendrent les gens me comprendre"?


"rendrent" does not exist.


I wrote "j'avais beaucoup de difficultés à faire les gens me comprendre", but it was incorrect. What was I missing?


In the case of a double infinitive (faire + comprendre), you need to place the pronoun object (me) in front of the first one. In addition, "faire comprendre" is like a passive form, which does not need to add "by whom" (people).


well one of the solutions they give has des autres at the end of the sentence, so if that is OK why not des gens, or des personnes for people!


you're right, me faire comprendre des gens would be fine (not des personnes though, which would need a complement: des personnes autour de moi, for example).

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