"Annál a kerítésnél sok magas fa áll."

Translation:There are many tall trees by that fence.

August 17, 2016

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Would it be correct to say "Annál a kerítésnél sok magas fa vannak"

It seems to mean the same.


Annál a kerítésnél sok magas fa van would be ok. But you need the verb to be singular.

Nouns with a number or other quantifier like sok in front of them are grammatically singular, even though that seems counterintuitive.

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Great. Thanks.

I got to keep that in mind and not just go at it "automatically".

Köszönöm szépen.


Why is AT that fence wrong?


Did I already mention that English is a weird language? :)
"At" sounds a little off here, like the trees have some business to do with the fence. Or it's just much closer than "by". You can compare with German "am Zaun" (at the fence) and "beim Zaun" (by the fence).
Anyway, I think using "at" here should be acceptable, too.


I have no idea how English works. "I met him at the fence" sounds fine to me, but "There are many tall trees at that fence" sounds wrong. I can't explain this.

This is the reason why, when people ask me "How many languages do you speak, anyway?" I usually say "less than one" these days.


Oh yes RyagonIV, sometimes it is quite weird, especially with hungarian translations. It creates a strange word-salad in my brain and makes it difficult to complete the lessons with a normal blood pressure.


There are many high trees by that fence. Why it is rejected?


I think English just prefers trees to be "tall".


...tall trees stand by that fence - "stand" is in the Hungarian - maybe it is optional, but should not be wrong if used


Why is here "big" a wrong translation for magas ?


Magas is specifically "tall", not just big in general. If it were sok nagy fa then "big" would be the best translation.


Oh thanks! Sorry I was a bit confused


Can someone explain why annàl and ennél needs to be used? And ebben and abben?


this tree - ez a fa
by this tree - ennél a fánál
in this tree - ebben a fában

that tree - az a fa
by that tree - annál a fánál
in that tree - abban a fában

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