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"János hears telephones outside."

Translation:János telefonokat hall kint.

August 17, 2016



Without better instruction on word order, how can we be expected to know why János kint telefonokat hall and János telefonokat hall kint are correct but János kint hall telefonokat is wrong?


It is not wrong, just another missed variation.


I wrote (out of curiosity): János telefonokat kint hall - and it got accepted. Would that put an emphasis on WHERE he is hearing them, as I put "kint" before the verb? And therefore, "János telefonokat hall kint" would be the most neutral version? I am slowly starting to get a hang of the word order and I really hope my guess is right...


Given the amount of errors still in the course, it seems rather rich to mark a response incorrect because of misspelling the word "hall" with one letter "l" instead of the required two.

On second thought: as "hal" means "fish" - I now retract my criticism. It was premature and a result of frustration. Professor Bagoly was right to make me stand in the corner!

Jó napot kivánok. Cheers.


János telefonokat hall odakint. - Jelentem.

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