"The bus is coming from the place, where the children are going to."

Translation:Onnan jön a busz, ahova a gyerekek mennek.

August 17, 2016

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(This comment is about this section, not this specific question.) This section was incredibly difficult and frustrating due to: (1) lack of explanation of the different forms of "here" and "there", which I eventually resolved by finding <https://hunlang.wordpress.com/page/15/> and (2) great inflexibility is word ordering in Hungarian and synonyms ("walks" vs "is walking") in English. I'm so glad to have finally finished.


I completely agree with you. Also check http://www.hungarianreference.com/Nouns/triads-of-movement.aspx for more explanation. It helped me a lot.


The lack of explanation on this app is very bad in hungarian. Thanks for the website I will look it up because I am not understanding this section at all and I want to learn other things.


Is it alright to swap a gyerekek and mennek here, making the last clause ahova mennek a gyerekek?


The frustration here is obvious and with good reason, the first line here could easily be translated as "A busz jön a helyről" Translating from Hungarian into poor English translations is difficult enough, but the other way around is impossible. I managed to get through this section but only after writing the (their) correct solution down each time, unfortunately. Best of luck.

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