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Prepositions 2 - מול

Two problems:

  1. The Tips & Notes state we are learning prepositions that conjugate with the plural suffix. מול uses singular.

  2. The course always translates it to "in front of". I can't think of a situation where I would translate one to the other. מול would be "across", "opposite", or "facing".

August 17, 2016



What about "in front of my eyes" = מול העיניים שלי?


לפני העיניים שלי.

The best I can give you is that the usage is idiomatic, but it still doesn't translate directly.


I disagree, לפני העיניים שלי is not used at all.

And what about "It's right in front of you" (זה ממש מולך) or "to speak in front of an audience" (לדבר מול קהל), or "in front of the mirror" (מול המראה).

You can find other words instead of מול, like לדבר בפני קהל, but it doesn't mean מול cannot be translated as "in front of" in some cases.


Sure it is.

The examples you give again are idioms that translate into each other, but it's not a correct translation for the word, and not right for most exercises in the course

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