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"Die Söhne entsprechen ihrem Vater."

February 3, 2013


[deactivated user]

    entsprechen jemandem is not meeting someone!


    According to this, it is, and then it is a dative verb as in the sentence here. http://www.dict.cc/?s=entsprechen Qualifier: I am not a German speaker, so I don't know how accurate the dictionary is.


    But that dictionary never says to meet someone, it always has an extra word, e.g. to meet someone's expectations. As the English translation is here, it seems like the verb used should be treffen.


    Looks like Duo's sentences are getting worse and worse.


    Why isn't this "The sons are like their father"?


    I answered "The sons correspond with their father" and it was accepted.


    I wrote something similar, and it was accepted. but is not useful to learn this if you have no idea how to use the sentence in real life. and in this case, I don't! Does it mean they are the same as their father, they send letters to their father, they meet their father (for lunch) - no idea.


    Apparently one of the possible answers is "The sons are like their father."


    Why is the sons are meeting their father wrong? Probably just a website mistake?

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