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  5. "Cats can see in the dark."

"Cats can see in the dark."

Translation:Les chats peuvent voir dans le noir.

February 3, 2013



Why is "des chats" not correct...? They don't ask for THE cats.


For generalities, the English skip the article but the French use a definite article.


confuses me when I can't write 'des' if in English there is no article..


tip: if you are not sure, just add "in general" at the end, then if it works in meaning, that's a generality, so use le, la, les


Why is "les chattes" not accepted? Can't the subject be a bunch of female cats? I'm confused.


This sentence is like a proverb, a universal truth: everybody knows that cats can see in the dark.

It is not about a bunch of female cats, but all cats in the world.

Therefore, the generic 'les chats' is what is needed to express that.


Got it. Thank you for your help!

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