"A kis, zöld emberek nem másznak le a függönyökről? Ez lehetetlen!"

Translation:The small, green people do not climb down from the curtains? This is impossible!

August 17, 2016

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What did they put in my coffee this morning?


Something that is heavier than air, apparently. :)


We been here before. Is it little green men, or small green people? And, the translation to English is a bit more than cumbersome.


Agreed - in an earlier exercise this was explicitly translated as "little green men".


"little green men" is "kis zöld férfiak" in hungarian


"emberek" can also mean "men".


That's right and men should be accepted as well.


I typed what I heard, and what I heard was "A kis, zöld emberek." I didn't expect it to be correct!


Very strange! previously I wrote little green persons, and this was rejected. When I commented on that, someone indicated that indeed "little green men" made more sense. Now "men" is rejected.


Obviously, this is impossible!


Why is ‘the’ necessary in this sentence? It certainly isn’t in English


little people are not accepted


azt hittem ez kérdés és igy a dont elöl van ?de nem


helló kérdés!! nem igy kezdünk vagy are vagy do (jelen esetben)vagy akár kérdőszó de nem és nem frankó lenne egy magyarázat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"emberek" can be translated as "men"; "little green men" is a standard phrase in English - so why is it rejected?


The computer wouldn't accept "Aren't the small green people climbing down the curtains? This is impossible!" The answer that it requires is clunky English. The question is presented as a statement with, presumably, rising intonation in the speech to tell the listener that it's a question. A much better way of phrasing the question in English is to begin with "Aren't......." What has been given as the ideal answer would sound much better without the question mark. This needs altering because, as it stands, it remains clunky English.


Not clunky - formal. And if the course accepts contractions the number of answers doubles. By sticking to formal English there is less chance of having missing translations because people learn to stick to the formal. If they start allowing contractions here then they must in every sentence - thousands of extra translations need to be added back. I'd rather they did that with translations that are really needed.


If this is aa question, the translation should be: Aren't (suject) climbing down from the curtais? This is impossible,Dor, don't (subject) climb down from the curtains? This is impossible! Where (subject) = (the small, green people). I am just reporting that they should accept my answer as correct.

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