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"Ten projekt to dla niej duży stres."

Translation:This project is very stressful for her.

August 17, 2016



the same sentence but with" to" instead of "for"


How about "This project is a great source of stress for her", translating "stres" as "source of stress" (and "duży" as "great")?


Well... but we can easily translate your English sentence literally, so it's "Ten projekt jest dla niej źródłem wielkiego stresu".


Ten projekt jest dla niej bardzo stresujący


I see that this sentence has the EN -> PL translations blocked, probably because it translates a Polish noun into an English adjective and we don't teach "stresujący". But sure, your answer would be perfectly correct, if there was anywhere to put it ;)


This is one of those strange differences in English and Polish sentence contruction...

The literal translation seems to be "This project is a big stress for her" which actually works perfectly fine in English, and retains stress as a noun instead of translating it into an adjective

Could you also translate "This project is very stressful [for/to] her" as either Ten projekt jest dla niej bardzo stresowy" or even use dative case and say "Ten projekt jest jej bardzo stresowy"


No, I don't think this adjective works in the Polish sentence, and the Dative construction is a rather unusual one, it may work sometimes, but that probably will sound dated (see? Dative, dated, hehe).

Perhaps "stresogenny" could work, I can see that English has a similar word: "stressogenic". And "stresujący" for sure.

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