"Mam mapę świata."

Translation:I have a map of the world.

August 17, 2016

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No one would say "a world's map" in (Am.) English. It would be a "world map" or a "map of the world".


Audio sounds like "mamy mapę swiata" which has a different meaning - we have a map of the world. Can you correct the audio?


Unfortunately, we can't. We can only block the audio exercises if the audio is really bad. And I agree with you (and a number of other people who reported it), it does indeed sound like 'mamy'. Audio disabled.


The bad audio is still there, it is not disabled. Audio sounds like "Mamy mapę ..." but written text is "Mam mapę ...".


What is disabled are the audio exercises, but you can still play the audio. You just won't be asked to 'type what you hear'.


i have a world's map


Mówi my a trzeba wpisac ja

[deactivated user]

    we have a world map. because it says mamy mapa swiata


    This sentence is supposed to be "Mam" (I have), but true, both voices mispronounce it.

    If that's the case, I will delete this sentence and add "Mamy mapę świata" (We have a world map) and that should solve the problem :D

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