"Ta góra jest wysoka."

Translation:This mountain is high.

August 17, 2016

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This is a high mountain.


Semantically the same, but it's a different grammatical construction: To jest wysoka góra.

Both tall and high work. Google seems to confirm that both should.


Marek nie pitol bzdur. Tall odnosi sie do istot zywych, di obiektow nieozywionych uzywa sie high. Zatem nie kwestia semantyki i nie jest to obojetne. Twoje tlumaczenie jest bledne.


Zmieniłem domyślną opcję na "high", ale "tall" nie jest błędne. To bardzo dyskusyjna kwestia nawet dla native'ów.



In my native UK English it's not quite as simple as your in|animate distinction (though high is indeed not used for human beings or animals):

  • A man or a giraffe may be tall (not high).

  • A tree can be either: a large, broader tree (e.g. horse chestnut) tends to be high; large, narrow trees (e.g. poplar; certain conifers) may be tall and high.

  • A wall, fence or mountain may be high (not tall – unless it's a pillar-shaped mountain...).

  • A building (block of flats, skyscraper, tower,...) whose height is visibly greater than its horizontal dimensions may be tall and high; a 'stumpy' block of flats that obliterates the horizon is high but not tall.

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An extremely detailed and correct explanation — with qualifications where needed! Thanks for your input, Robin. Cheers!

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