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  5. "Nie lubię pogody w sierpniu."

"Nie lubię pogody w sierpniu."

Translation:I do not like the weather in August.

August 17, 2016



Maybe just me or where I am from but I can't imagine leaving out 'the' in this sentence. By having 'the' in the sentence you are stating that the weather in August (good or bad) is not to your liking. By leaving it out it sounds like you wanting August to be totally devoid of all weather types.


In many places weather depends mostly on the time of year. In that case the majority of all weathers in August is of one certain type (e.g. raining). In such places one could extrapolate the usual August weather to all August weathers.


I agree with Glyn. You really need the "the" in this sentence, and Marek's alternative. The only time it could be said without "the" is when you mean weather to be synonymous with storms. Pilots use it that way, the word weather as a shorthand for bad weather for flying.


I had some discussions about this with natives, and finally decided to delete "weather in August" without the preposition, but I was told that "August weather" without it seems acceptable.


I do not like weather in August

sometimes said and written without "the" in this sentence



"(the) August weather" as well.

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