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iPad app says :"impossible to connect to server" when trying to start exercises.

It looks likes it is properly connected since I have access to my profile and the flip cards, but I cannot start a new exercises. When I try to do revision, it tells me there is nothing to revise... But I obviously have...

Any clues?

I have the latest update on iPad.


August 17, 2016

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Try restarting the app, then the device. I have had this problem before, and it usually resolves itself.

If no luck, try it on a different device if possible and/or the mobile site.

Bonne Chance!


No luck indeed. That's always my first troubleshooting step. On mobile site, I only have access to flip cards, activities are not loading, no matter are hard I click on the tab...

Even going to the web site with my PC, the activity tab won't load, only flip cards, profile and discussion. I tried with Chrome, and with iExplore (Edge).

Is there an issue with my account?



Perhaps it's something with your internet. Maybe try it at a local library. If you need activity, just check your stream.


This is your stream.


Internet's fine as I can access my profile and the discussion tab.

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