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  5. "Glasses or sunglasses?"

"Glasses or sunglasses?"

Translation:משקפיים או משקפי שמש?

August 17, 2016



Why is eye glasses plural but sunglasses singulair?


They are both plural. There are ordinary plural forms and "smikhut" (=bound) plural forms. The same kind of distinction exists in singular forms.


That's very interesting! Thanks for your input :-)

I'm struggling to find a more in-depth explanation of bound plurals. (Maybe I'm not looking in the right places, haha.) Could someone please expand on this? Or link to another source of information?


I'm going to answer my own question, haha :-)

If anyone else wants to learn more... I'm having better luck finding information about this under the term "construct state" or searching directly with Hebrew characters: סמיכות


Can someone please help me with the pronunciation of this words/sentence?


mishkafayim o mishkefey shemesh


So what would a literal translation be for the Hebrew term for sunglasses?


Glasses of sun


I understood the question as ?כוסות או מישקפי שמש. DL rejected this translation. The translation suggested by DL is nonsense, since it is similar to asking "Flowers or roses?" Roses ARE flowers, so you cannot logically put "or" between these two words. Therefore glasses for drinking is the only possible interpretation of "glasses" in the given question. I reported the problem.


I would first interpret it as meaning "spectacles (non-tinted) or sunglasses". I disagree with the comparison to "flowers or roses". I've added כוסות.


Thank you. optical glasses/spectacles vs sunglasses would be a fair comparison

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