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  5. "Sheep give us meat and milk."

"Sheep give us meat and milk."

Translation:Cừu cho chúng tôi thịt và sữa.

August 17, 2016



Why when putting "con cừu" it's marked as wrong and says you should use "loài"? Just using "cừu" is accepted however. Seems some arbitrary rule we have not been told about?


More likely whoever wrote this sentence forgot to allow that. Should probably report it.


According to Wiktionary "loài" (or "loại") means "species".

If I recall correctly it's used somewhere else in this course as "loại người" to mean "mankind", so I'm guessing it acts kind of like a classifier for a whole category or species of animals, whereas "con" would be more appropriate for a single specific animal.

This is just my speculation as an amateur of the language though.


Chúng ta nên để cho cừu sống :) is that a correct sentence?


Sự thật là cừu không cho chúng tôi thịt và sữa, mà chúng tôi giết chúng để lấy thịt và vắt chúng để lấy sữa.


What's the difference between "cho" and "đưa"? Is "đưa" more formal?


Both can mean "to give" but only đưa can mean "to pass something" onto someone else but "cho" can also mean "to give permission".


My translation says loai cuu cho chung toi thit va sua. Is that the correct answer?

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