"A kicsi, zöld madár repül ide vagy az a piros?"

Translation:Is the small, green bird or that red one flying here?

August 17, 2016

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Little = small?


My translation was, "Is the little green bird flying here or that red one?" The only difference was I put little rather than small and that means that the computer is being far too picky about what it will accept. There were no other "errors."


You should report these alternative translations via the Report function - my translation should be accepted. That is how the database of accepted translations is expanded futher, with the contributions of learners like you. Someone will review it and add it if it is acceptable.
When you get an "Error" you should see either a "Report" link or a little flag icon. Please select it and proceed from there.


Little and small are pretty much interchangeable. There are exceptions just as there are to many rules and a small boy might suggest something slightly different to a little boy. A little bird and a small bird would be the same unless there was something else somewhere in the text which suggested that one or the other might be more apt.

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