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  5. "האם יש אהבה בתוככם?"

"האם יש אהבה בתוככם?"

Translation:Is there love inside you?

August 17, 2016



Damn duolingo you're deep!



is there love inside you all?

is incorrect?


You all should be preffered since English is ambigous.


Right, it is a possible translation and for some the preferred one.

Yet there is a slight difference in meaning. Just imagine when you would answer "Yes, we have love inside us." compared to "Yes, we have love inside all of us.".

Addressing a group of people as "you all" implies that every single individual is known and they all need to think about and answer this question to provide the entire answer. Just addressing them as "you" sounds more general to me. And this can also be asked to an unspecific group or people in general.

As long as I am learning Hebrew I prefer to stick to a literal translation. And just know about the English. It is a compromise. I know.


Hello! "You all" is slang. Why would duolingo be teaching it as English? (Apologies to any Texans)


Greetings from Austin, Texas.

There are two expressions at play here. One is y'all, which is used routinely by roughly 100 million native English speakers in the southern USA. The other is you all, which is used by many northerners and non-Americans who recognize the utility of having a word for "you plural", but who can't bring themselves to say y'all because it sounds too southern. (There was a time when the South was a backwards part of the country with many poorly educated or flat-out illiterate residents, and the stereotype of southerners as a bunch of dumb hicks has stuck.)

But when a word is used by more native English speakers than the entire population of the UK, it's genuine English and should not be deprecated! For that reason, y'all (and, I believe, you all) is accepted as you plural in DL Spanish and DL Italian, and I think in DL French and German, too. Unfortunately, the moderators of DL Hebrew have bought into the idea that American English is a dialect to be grudgingly tolerated, and that southern American English is substandard and should not be tolerated. (sigh)


The joys of language!!!! Pre the Norman Conquest English sounded more like German or Norse. Post the NC it was 50 percent French. It's always going to change so y'all going to have to accept that!!!


I agree that "inside (of) you all" should be accepted in an English translation of "בתוככם".


Just keeps getting weirder...


I'm wondering why the translation needs the word "there" and why isn't it sufficient to say "Is love inside you?" I typed that and got it wrong.


Jetpack Brian - thank you for your response to my question.

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