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  5. "Acht, neun, zehn"

"Acht, neun, zehn"

Translation:Eight, nine, ten

February 6, 2014



I know perfectly well how to pronounce them, but the mic is not registering any of the numbers (also happened for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Does anybody else have that issue?


Well, something similar. When I say "acht", it shows "acht". But then when I say "neun", it shows "89". This happens no matter how often I try.


I've also read reviews about the fact that the whole mic and pronounciation thing on platforms like these sometimes passes just about anything you say. I've tested duolingo by saying random stuff experienced be pretty good though...


Same problem occurring several days in a row


Does anyone have any tips on producing the hard ch sound? That and where in germany is it still used more often than the more sh like sound?


I have a book on German. It advises to shape your mouth as if you were about to say the letter k in English but then breath outward in that position like you're trying to say the letter h. I don't know how accurate this is. I'm still at quite an elementary stage with my German.


Pretend you are hissing like a snake. It is not pronounced ick


Would the translation "8, 9, 10" also be correct?


It works for me, when you say it you have to say it one at a time with a little time gap instead of saying it altogether otherwise you'll get it wrong.


Hier kommt die Sonne


I wish duolingo would actually teach u what different words mean

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