"The men have water."

Translation:Mężczyźni mają wodę.

August 17, 2016

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Gosh, am I sick and tired of typing "men" in Polish. M-e but hold to change it-z-but hold and slide to ż-cz (remember not zc) y-z-but hold and change to ź (remember not ż)-i. And the whole process every bloody time, several times per unit-per lesson, per module. I do remember this word. Stop this madness))0


Ha! Ha! That's hilarious. I'm feeling your pain!


What's different in using this different "e" in plural and normal phrases? Why does it change in the "wode" word?


"Wodę" is the accusative of "woda". It implies that "woda" is the direct object of the verb "mieć".


Would be great if they threw in some basic phonics before they throw "type mezczyzni" at you. I'm staring right at the word and I still can't type it.


Years ago, when the course was created, there were no tools to teach pronunciation. Now there are some, so in the future, when the course gets rebuilt, we will also do something about this.

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