"Which furniture does the frog sit down onto, the armchair or the shelf?"

Translation:Melyik bútorra ül a béka, a fotelre vagy a polcra?

August 17, 2016

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Is this sentence correct? "Melyik bútorra ül le a béka, a fotelre vagy a polcra?"


Yes! But I suspect the "polc" is a low-hanging one. And a "béka" that "leül" sounds ever so slightly unusual to me. But then everything else in this sentence is also unusual, so why not.
But grammatically the sentence is perfect. :)


I think I understand what you're saying about leül sounding odd with a low-hanging shelf, but at least the sentence is grammatically correct!

Köszönöm a választ, mint mindig! :D I was going to ask if "mint mindig" was correct, which made me want to say: Is "mint mindig" correct for "as always"? I don't know how to say that in Hungarian, though. The "for" part is what I'm really unsure about...


Now you are making me think. I'm not sure how to translate that question, but the answer is "Yes", "mint mindig" is perfect.

"Hogyan mondanád magyarul azt, hogy 'as always' ? - This is the best I can do today: "How would you say in Hungarian: 'as always'?"

Anyway, szokás szerint nagyon szívesen! :)


It's interesting how even simple sentences can be worded so differently in Hungarian. I certainly have my work cut out for me when I first start writing in Hungarian, but it should be fun nevertheless. ;)

Ooh, hopefully I'll somehow remember szokás szerint. XD Még egyszer köszi! :D


I am sure it will be much fun for your readers, as well. ;)
Nagyon szívesen, mint mindig. :)


Egy pár példa: "Mint mindig azt jelenti, (hogy) 'as always'?" "Hogy mondják, 'as always'?" "Lehet itt mondani, (hogy) 'mint mindig'?"


Yes that is correct, but the "ül le" is used more times in continous present :) although it is used in our language (I am hungarian)

[deactivated user]

    In this example, a frog sits 'onto' furniture. But in another example an actress sits 'down into' an armchair ("beül a fotelbe"). What's the logic?


    It mostly has to do with the object being sat on. You can't really sit 'into' a shelf. You can sit into an armchair, however.

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