"Hol pihennek a japán szakácsok?"

Translation:Where are the Japanese cooks resting?

August 17, 2016

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What's wrong with saying chefs instead of cooks?


The chef is usually the lead cook in a restaurant. "Főszakács" in Hungarian. A cook can be anyone who prepares food.
So, that's the difference. But maybe it could be accepted.


I agree. In colloquial English, chef often refers to any cook.

(A bit like how in German, to call the waiter's attention, you might say, "Herr Ober!" = Mr Head (Waiter), regardless of whether he's the head waiter or not. And a policeman might be addresssed with "Herr Kommissar", regardless of whether he holds the rank of commissioner or not.)


"Herr Ober!" = "Főúr!"
I am sure it was borrowed and translated from German.

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