"A macska is bejön a fürdőszobába."

Translation:The cat comes into the bathroom, too.

August 17, 2016

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I'll be able to use this sentence a lot :)


can we use the words bathroom and washroom interchangeably? Mosdo es furdoszoba?


Usually yes. But "fürdőszoba" is usually the one you have at a home or apartment. And you can have a bath or take a shower there. A "mosdó" can be anywhere, public, private, anything. There, you can at least wash your hands.


Does this use of bejön make this a habitual task by default? Is this a way of making it imperfective, or is that reading into it too much?


I'm pretty sure just jön would be habitual. Bejön means it something with an objective/end, which would be the case if it was only going to happen once.

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