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"What is the tall boy doing in front of that beautiful Brazilian girl?"

Translation:Mit csinál a magas fiú az előtt a szép brazil lány előtt?

August 17, 2016



Why is there an az in between fiú and előtt but not an "a" when talking about azok mellett a diakok mellett harom tanar setal? does the az stand for that. I thought the "a" between előtt and szép denoted the concept of "that." I hope this makes sense :/


The seven words az előtt a szép brazil lány előtt in this sentence form one unit that means "in front of that beautiful Brazilian girl", and they are fixed in that order. Maybe we can build it up a bit at a time:

a szép brazil lány - the beautiful brazilian girl

az a szép brazil lány - that beautiful brazilian girl

az előtt a szép brazil lány előtt - in front of that beautiful brazilian girl


Typo in your comment: "in front of THAT Brazilian girl" in the first case you use that phrase. (And the final quote is missing.)


Corrected. Thanks!


On the third reading it does. :) If I wanted to literally translate it word by word, it would look like this:

" ... THE tall boy THAT before THE beautiful girl before"

"Előtt" is a postposition, it refers to what is in front of it.


This is the most infuriating topic ever.


i agree. i find it difficult

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