"Diskutieren wir doch, warum du hier bist."

Translation:Let us discuss why you are here.

February 3, 2013

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"doch" doesn't appear to be in the default translation. How would you translate the sentence with "doch" to English?


“Let's {do | anyway | after all} discuss why you're here.”


Duolingo 's translation is inadequate for this sentence. In fact, many English translations are possible. And, yes, doch is ignored in Duolingo's translation.


I don't where is the imperative in the german sentence. Can someone confirm if the translation is really correct?


The indicative and imperative forms of the verb are identical for the first person plural. The imperative mood is due to the word order in this sentence. The indicative word order would be ‘Wir diskutieren…’.

But the English translation is inaccurate because ignores the emphatic word ‘doch’ in the German original, which could be translated as “Do let's discuss why you're here.”

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@christian @AndreasWitnstein : Could "But we will discuss why you are here." be acceptable here?

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    No, Duolingo's sentence is an imperative and "doch" is a modal particle. Your sentence would translate to "Aber wir werden besprechen, warum du hier bist".


    In German verbs, the imperative is only a distinct form for the familiar second-person singular, ‘du’. Otherwise, the imperative, like the interrogative, is indicated by inverting order of the subject and verb. For the familiar second-person singular (‘du’) and plural (‘ihr’), the subject is usually omitted, being obvious from the verb. But for the first-person plural (‘wir’) and formal second-person (‘Sie’), which share the same verb form, the subject is obligatory.


    To bring out the "doch" I wrote "yes, let's discuss why you are here" -- but it was not accepted. Opinions out there?


    Makes sense to me.


    diskuterien wir doch, warum du hier bist. marked wrong for one lousy spelling mistake, seriously ??

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