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  5. "We drink water."

"We drink water."

Translation:Chúng tôi uống nước.

August 18, 2016



Chúng tôi vs Chúng ta? Didn't get it right but this in the first time I've seen this.


In a party, when An talks to Tom:
"Chúng tôi ăn" That means An and the others eat but Tom doesn't. "Chúng ta ăn" That means Tom also eat. So "Chúng tôi" does not include the person you're talking to but "Chúng ta" does :) Good luck!


I would like to know as well


Could anyone explain why there is "ta" instead of "tôi". Cạm on (hoping its spelled right) :)


Tôi , is used when you only talk about yourself, just yourself _Ta , is sometimes mean both 'We' and 'I', but as 'I', the subject might be in a high possition, and sometimes means each of a group of people, and even entire society. Ex: Ta biết = Everyone knows = I know = We know __Tôi biết = I know

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