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  5. "The artist is inside."

"The artist is inside."

Translation:A művésznő bent van.

August 18, 2016



So I tried "A művész bent," thinking that in the third person the verb is not needed. But the correct answer is "A művész bent van."

Please, could someone clarify when a verb is needed and when it is not? There must be some sort of a reliable pattern, but I cannot yet discern it in the examples after 66 days. That is, the only pattern that I think I know is that the verb is not always necessary.


Here it is a location thing, and "van" is necessary. When it is a characteristic of the subject (it is red, it is long, it is fast, it is cold, etc.), then "van" must be omitted.


Ever clearer! Thank you so much for the explanation!


Would "művész" be acceptable? Does this have to be gendered?


I think it is accepted.

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