Translation:A custom

August 18, 2016



Is this custom as in "thank you for your custom", as in "it is the custom to take tea at 4", or as in "I had the suit custom measured"?


arfer is a bit unusual in that it is a noun and also a verb-noun:

  • As a noun - a custom, habit, practice, usage
  • As a verb-noun - to become used to, to be used to

If you look it up in www.gweiadur.com or a similar dictionary you will find examples of it in use.

Its use with the imperfect to mean 'I used to xxx' is not really necessary, as the Welsh imperfect includes that meaning anyway, but it is a common pattern in the colloquial language:

  • Ro'n i'n arfer gyrru i'r gwaith - I used to drive to work
  • Ro'n i'n gyrru i'r gwaith - I used to drive to work, I was driving to work

'to make to order', 'to custom-make', 'to make to meaure' might be gwneud ar archeb, gwneud ar fesur or similar.

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    Thanks! I was about to ask the same question!


    Surely in the context of this exercise it means 'used to' as i put. 'custom' seems completely out of context


    At last an explanation for arfer!


    Used to should be correct.


    but is being marked incorrect!


    I thought it meant usually as well. Could a moderator please comment on this?

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