"Many cars, trams and buses are moving by the bridges."

Translation:A hidaknál sok autó, villamos és busz halad.

August 18, 2016

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Would this translation be acceptable? Sok autó, villamos és busz a hidnál halad


A hidaknál, yes!


... és busz halad a hidaknál.


Can someone tell me why "költözik" is listed here as a clue for the English word "moving". It's not an accepted option in the answer.


Hints are not sentence-specific, but will appear wherever a given word (such as "moving") appears.

So if there is a sentence that uses "moving" in the sense of "I am moving to Berlin" (= moving house) and the Hungarian equivalent could use költözik, a hint would be added with that translation and that translation would appear even in other sentences such as this one, even though "moving" (probably) does not mean "moving house" in this sentence -- cars do not really have houses, after all.


why are the auto , busz and villamos not plural?


Because sok already tells you that there are many of them, so there's no need for the nouns to tell you "there are many of us".


A hidaknál...halad. Halad a hidaknál. !!!

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