"Nem, nem megyünk oda és nem hegedülünk."

Translation:No, we do not go there and we do not play the violin.

August 18, 2016

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I am English and to me it is acceptable to say we do not go there and do not play violins.


In Hungarian do you hear a difference in the fact that right now as we speak we are not playing the violin, or that in general (not necessarily right now) we are not playing the violin?


Huh, three years ago, but no reply. No, we don't. Hungarian has simple tense system: past, present and future. It's possible that some structures are more likely to be translated to present continuous in English, but usually you can't tell without context.


... and we won't play the violin. Is that a valid translation, or would that be put otherwise in Hungarian?


does "nem" cause the preverb to split from the verb?


What is wrong with: "No, we are not going there and we are not playing violin"?

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