"How many men and how many women are getting on the Dutch airplane?"

Translation:Hány férfi és hány nő száll fel a holland repülőgépre?

August 18, 2016

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Why is this száll rather than szállnak? I know that singular nouns are used with quantity words like "hány," but there are two groups here, so wouldn't that need a plural form of the verb? Thanks.


If there are more than 1 singular nouns the verb will still be singular. You only need the plural form of the verb when at least one of the nouns is plural.

Note that this logic doesn't apply to first and second person pronouns.

E.g.: "You and the woman are going to the shop" = "Te és a nő MENTEK a boltba" (in this case you need the plural form of the verb)


Thanks! I didn't know this.

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If you left out the word ´fel´, would the sentence still be correct Hungarian, but with a different meaning?


I think no. Felszall in this case means boarding the plane, but because it's a question it changes to szall fel to highlight the fact you're asking something not announcing it


Hány férfi és nő...? Szerintem így is helyes.


Why can't I use "felszáll" and only "száll fel" ?


már bocs de "hány" az nem igazán szép kérdés inkább a "mennyi "használatos ugye mert "hányni "ivás után szokás

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