"The chair is here, not the apple."

Translation:A sz├ęk van itt, nem az alma.

August 18, 2016



Why is itt van not accepted?

August 18, 2016


Because you are comparing "the chair" and "the apple" in being here or not, so "the chair" should come in front of the verb as that's the natural position of the focus.

August 18, 2016


Why does van come before itt? Why not itt before van? A szek itt van, nem az alma

December 25, 2018


I wonder the same.

April 13, 2019


Had you read back, you'd have seen the answer of mizinamo. Here it's very explicitly given what is the important new detail of the sentence - the chair is here, not the apple. So you'll have to focus the chair, ie it will precede the verb. And since here sounds like a "technical detail" (neither the topic discussed, nor the important detail, which was the chair), it is a natural idea to put it after the verb. :)

May 17, 2019
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