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"The airplane is flying above the big city."

Translation:A repülőgép a nagy város fölött repül.

August 18, 2016



Why it is not possible: "a repülögép repül a nagy város fölött"?


Because the course is still in the beta phase and many possible sentences haven't been added yet. This sentence should be accepted, please report it.


"A repülőgép fölött a nagy város repül". Is this sentence wrong?


Yes, fölött a nagy város is just as wrong in Hungarian as "the big city above" in English.

"above" is a PREposition in English which comes BEFORE its noun; fölött is a POSTposition in Hungarian which comes AFTER its noun.

Hungarian adpositions are (almost?) all postpositions which English uses prepositions (with few exceptions such as "ago").

So words such as között, fölött, mögött etc. come AFTER the nouns they refer to.


How would "A nagy város fölött repül a gép" be interpreted by native speakers?


It would be 'a machine is flying' gèp is machine, but not airplane


What is the difference between "fellet" and "fölött"? It both means above/over, no? Can't I say "A repülögép a nagy város fölött repül?

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