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"I drink under the wet umbrella."

Translation:A nedves esernyő alatt iszom.

August 18, 2016



Is "vizes" OK as well?


vizes is better I think...


I do not understand why the verb is in the definite conjugation here.


It isn't - it's using the indefinite conjugation endings for an "ik" verb, as iszik is an "ik" verb.

The én form happens to have -em, -om which coincidentally looks like the definite conjugation ending for non-"ik" verbs. That's not usually a problem since most "ik" verbs are intransitive and can't take an object, so they're never used in the definite conjugation anyway.

The need to distinguish "ik" from non-"ik" verbs may be one of the reasons that dictionary list verbs by their third person singular form, e.g. iszik, rather than by the infinitive.

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