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  5. "Ez sok víz."

"Ez sok víz."

Translation:This is a lot of water.

August 18, 2016



Is 'sok' related to the Turkish 'çok' by any chance?


I thought the same thing! Hungarian has a lot of loans from Turkic languages because they travelled west through places that spoke them. So maybe not from Turkish itself, but Wiktionary supports the Turkic source of this word. Also the fact that it has the suppletive comparative "több" makes this seem pretty likely.


Why "this is" is preferred here to "it is". IMHO in the context both mean the same and shall be accepted equally


This is a lot of water!! Úgy mondják! This is much water furcsa angolul.


I agree. It's very strange. I reported it.


Ben, perhaps not so strange if you think these very words could be going through your head if you'd been forced for technical or chemical reasons to drain your swimming pool. Imagine your next water bill after a refill!


What I saw was "This is much water." It looks like they've fixed it.


Oh, OK Ben, I interpreted your comment to be in relation to the oddity of the meaning of this sentence. I find a good many of them odd, thus try to invent a scenario so I can progress. Cheers.


Haha, there are some really weird sentences on Duolingo. In Turkish, there is "The serious turtle is getting off the purple train." Good luck finding a scenario for that ;-)


Aw, gee, Ben thanks! Just when I hoped with your linguistics skills you might at least have some encouragement to offer. Perhaps if I imagine the “flying purple people eater” from a retro hit I could well tackle Turkish next ….. (not)!

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