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Where are these emails coming from!?

For no apparent reason, I'm suddenly getting job requests from people who apparently are gifted with languages and want me to hire them. I have no idea where they're coming from; the return addresses seem legit, not at all like emails sent by a spam program, but I've never gotten them before. I ignored the first one, but then when I got a second email I started wondering what the deal was.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a truly passionate linguist whose main interests in life are languages and communication, and because of my experience in that field I have gotten a lot of valuable experience that I am truly grateful for. When working as a translator or with other language related projects, you often get the opportunity to work from home. And when working from home you need to be focused and structured in order to succeed. This is something I am highly good at, so I dare to say that I am a perfect candidate for such jobs.

Because in a busy society like today, you might want something done immediately – so why not give the person who is willing to sacrifice her life to please you a chance to do the job?

I am ready to help you in your jobs.
Kindly find attached my CV.

Since it has to do with languages, and I've gotten more than one in a very short period of time from different sources, I'm wondering if maybe somebody else has also been getting these. Maybe whoever sent me those emails harvested a bunch of email addresses from Duolingo and then sent the emails to all of them. Whatever it is, it looks very fishy - "willing to sacrifice her life to please you," yeah, right.

4 years ago


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Honestly, I wouldn't surmise that Duolingo's had their database hacked just because you've got some language-related spam. By definition, any spam email is going to be irrelevant to the vast majority of its recipients. Over the years I've received spam offering me publishing deals, Russian aircraft (for hire or sale), road cones, and -- on one memorable occasion -- 75,000 live chickens.

4 years ago


They're cheaper in bulk!

4 years ago