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  5. "השריר הזה מתחבר לכתף."

"השריר הזה מתחבר לכתף."

Translation:This muscle connects to the shoulder.

August 18, 2016



Does שריר have any meaning as an adjective in modern Hebrew, as הכל שריר וקים from the traditional ketubah text? I'm aware that ketubot are traditionally written in Aramaic but this phrase looks like it's Hebrew so i thought I'd ask


Well, the adjective שָׁרִיר means strong, but is not as much used as muscle: אני עומד לקבל התנגדות שרירה מכל הכיוונים "I am going to get strong resistance from all sides".


What's wrong with "is connected to the shoulder"?


Should be "joins AT the shoulder", not TO.


I don't know what would be the medical term, but someting can connect to something, and in Hebrew, מתחבר ל, or it can be connected (to something that is ommitted) at some place, and in Hebrew מתחבר (למשהו) ב.

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